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Public talks return in September 2017.  Enjoy our latest conversations and learn about our ongoing programs below.

Experience the healing of sound and frequency

Every breath is a celebration of life itself.” Fred Johnson

LISTEN: (from Johnson’s project called “Daybreak Awakening Call”)

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Learn more about how sound works in our bodies and how tone, frequency and breath are part of your innate power to heal yourself and others. Experience the healing of sound and frequency with Fariduddin “Fred” Johnson, Director for Strategic Initiatives and Deputy Director of Intersections:  As a student for nine years of West African natural healing indigenous music traditions, Johnson brings to the contemporary world a fusion of ancient sound traditions, coupled with 21st-century science on the power of the vibration universe.

Join us online or in-person, and learn about how with sacred intention we can move through pain. (September 28, 2017)  RSVP invite coming soon.

Creative Activism & You

So many well-intentioned people want to make a difference but lack the roadmaps to get them there.” Patricia Jerido

Patricia Jerido, Macky Alston

Are you an artist? Do you feel there’s something you want to express that could help society as a whole? What is it and how would you do it? These are questions Patricia Jerido, a trained M.S.W., social worker, and consultant, with over 30 years experience in social justice work, and Macky Alston, a filmmaker and Auburn’s Senior Vice President, Strategy and Growth, have been thinking about for some time.  Join us for a lively conversation with them– and learn how to channel your gifts into something powerful.

Join us online or in-person, and learn how to channel your gifts into something powerful. (October 12, 2017) RSVP invite coming soon.

Combatting Loneliness and Social Isolation, Caitlin Breedlove – on re·sil·ience

We are a deeply isolated & lonely set of communities.” Caitlin Breedlove


Caitlin, Vice President of Movement Leadership at Auburn Seminary, has a wonderfully complex mind; in one breath she’ll reference seminal social activist Grace Lee Boggs– and Bogg’s notion of “dialectical humanism”– and in the next, bring her point home with insights into her own foibles as an organizer. This intelligence and authenticity make even being resilient and defeating loneliness and social isolation seem like problems that anyone can tackle.  (July 6, 2017)

Micky ScottBey Jones is shaping brave spaces. 

I was a hyper-conservative, anti-liberal agenda, evangelical.” Micky ScottBey Jones


Mickey’s own life experience, in her case of moving right to left, created in her a deep compassion, for herself– and others. She is a supervisor within Auburn’s Justice Ministry Program and is a womanist contemplative activist, healer, nonviolent direct action organizer and consultant. (June 30, 2017)

Thanks to Catherine Torpey, Executive Director of The Focusing Institute, from our studio audience, who shared her thoughts on the talk.

Digital Security 101 – Digital Security for Activists.

There’s a lot of fear and panic around our digital communications, so its good to have this conversation.” Dan Greenman


Auburn’s resident tech guru, Dan Greenman. As Director of Technology he’s seen it all in the realm of people’s various tech phobias and avoidances– and brings us up to speed to learns so easy ways to protect your and your organization’s data and reputation. (May 4, 2017)

Dismantling White Supremacy From the Inside Out.

 . . . what that means is engaging white people in the faith against systemic racism.” Rev. J.C. Austin  


Learn why white Americans resist engaging or even acknowledging systemic racial injustice, and how to help them get past that and work to dismantle racist patterns and systems with Rev. J.C. Austin in this webinar. (April 26, 2017)

The Johnson Amendment – what your organization needs to know.

For 63 years, the Johnson Amendment has protected religious groups and charities from manipulation by partisan politics. Now some want to overturn these protections by repealing the Amendment.” Sally Steenland 


Sally Steenland, former Director of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at American Progress, argues that now more than ever, we need the Johnson Amendment, which protects houses of worship from becoming, “one more cog in the political machine.” Watch this fascinating webinar to learn more about this lesser known but important law, why it may be in jeopardy, and what you can do about it. (March 6, 2017)

Ongoing Programs:

Moral Courage

Learn how to get radical about self-care through a combination of ritual, storytelling, and a self-care agenda creation.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”  Audre Lorde

Explore the deep connection between the call to activism and advocacy for others, and develop the right regard we must attach to our own bodies, minds, and spirits in the world.


What you can do to stand for justice? Connect with Groundswell, our online petition portal. Below, find some of the causes we are standing up for.

  • Faith Leaders to President Trump: Don’t Use Religion to Discriminate

Clergy, raise your voices! Tell the President you do not support using religion to discriminate. Sign the petition today. 

  • We support Civil Disobedience as #MoralResistance Petition 

In solidarity with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, black people, and seekers of a more just world, we will join or support those who engage in civil disobedience, whether as protesters, medics, legal observers, witnesses, or care providers. Take the pledge and sign the petition today.

  • Jeanette’s Family Needs Her- Sign and Share the Petition 

Jeanette Vizguerra, a Colorado community leader and mother, is facing deportation. Jeanette has led the fight against her own deportation since 2009, part of her secret to success is her die hard community. She needs it again, today! Share this and spread the word. Sign the petition in support of Jeanette and her family.


From Adversaries to Allies: Engaging White People on Systemic Racism. Learn practical methods to move toward greater understanding and actively dismantle racist patterns and systems.

The Black Lives Matter movement has lifted issues of systemic racism into the political mainstream in ways that have not happened in decades. The biggest resistance to progress on these issues is not the white supremacist organizations –it’s the average and often well-intentioned white people, who generally respond to even mild conversations around systemic racism with vigorous denials, anger, silencing, and more.


Learn to lead courageous conversations using a rigorously developed and field-tested pragmatic method for managing conflict, building trust, and creating safe space for shared dialogue on even the most difficult subjects.

Often, leaders and communities avoid having emotionally-charged conversations around important issues and decisions in critical moments because they lack the capacity to engage. That’s when difficult conversations break out in unhelpful and unanticipated ways.