Get your spiritual, creative, and intellectual juices flowing with our Fortification: Spiritual Sustenance for Movement Leadership podcast.

Movements for justice are expanding and shifting around us. We must take care of each other and ourselves in these times of resistance and backlash. In recent conversations mapping movement moments and how faith communities can be of use, organizer Elandria Williams used the language of political and spiritual ‘fortification’ as a key need of justice seekers, activists, and spiritually-rooted organizers.

Caitlin Breedlove, Auburn’s vice president of movement leadership, uses this frame to interview the leaders and activists who are propelling today’s justice movements forward. Guests range from faith leaders to activists, writers, and filmmakers.

  • Hear perspectives and personal reflections from those on the front lines of movement-building.
  • Learn what drives their thinking and what role faith plays in their lives.  
  • Be inspired by the experiences of those dedicated to fighting for progress.
  • Stay informed with discourse on the latest topics around faith and social justice.
  • Find out how you can better do your part to heal the world.


Below are links to episodes from the first season of Fortification, brought to you by Standing on the Side of Love. Season two, in partnership with Auburn Seminary, is in the works and will be premiering in September 2017. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they are released.


Episode List:

  • Ep. 1: Lena K. Gardner & Rev. Osagyefo Sekou; Gardener is the development director of a Unitarian universalist Congregation; Sekou is the founding Senior Minister of The Freedom Church of NYC.
  • Ep. 2: Dove Kent; Kent is the Executive Director of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice in NYC
  • Ep. 3: Reina Gossett; Gossett is a filmmaker and Activist Fellow at Barnard College’s Center for Research on Women
  • Ep. 4: Mab Segrest; Segrest is a feminist writer and activist known for her 1994 autobiography Memoir of a Race Traitor.
  • Ep. 5: Cara Page; Page is a black queer activist and co-founder and coordinator of Kindred Healing Justice collective.
  • Ep. 6: Meg Riley; Riley is a Unitarian Universalist minister at the Church of the Larger Fellowship
  • Ep. 7: Alfredo Gutierrez; Gutierrez is a former AZ senator and founder of Jamieson and Gutierrez, a PR, lobbying, and management firm.
  • Ep. 8: Gabriel Foster; Foster is the director of the Trans Justice Funding Project
  • Ep. 9: Lisa Anderson; Anderson is the vice president of Intersectional Engagement at Auburn.
  • Ep. 10: Malachi Garza; Garza is the director of the Community Justice Network for Youth at the W. Haywood Burns Institute.

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