The Auburn Senior Fellows program connects, equips and platforms influential faith leaders who are committed to catalyzing and advancing multifaith movements for justice

Meet 18 of today’s top leaders: Fresh voices who bring justice-centered faith into the public square to help meet, head-on, today’s most pressing challenges — from race and equality to religion and politics, and beyond. They are an unprecedented cohort of changemakers brought together as Auburn Senior Fellows.

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TO THE MEDIA: The Auburn Senior Fellows stand ready to engage in dynamic dialogue and compelling storytelling. There’s no subject that’s off limits. For interviews, contact Susan Barnett: 917.841.0221;

  • Rev. Dr. William Barber II
  • Rabbi Sharon Brous
  • Sister Simone Campbell
  • Bishop Minerva Carcaño
  • Rev. Dr. Noel Castellanos
  • Bishop Yvette Flunder
  • Lisa Sharon Harper
  • Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel
  • Valarie Kaur
  • Rabbi Stephanie Kolin
  • Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis
  • Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews
  • Brian McLaren
  • Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III
  • Bishop Gene Robinson
  • Linda Sarsour
  • Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock
  • Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei