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Strategic Philanthropy
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Research Team
  • Macky Alston
    Macky Alston
    Senior Vice President, Strategy and Growth
  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson
    Vice President, Embodied Justice Leadership
  • J.C. Austin
    Rev. J.C. Austin
    Vice President, Catalytic Justice Leadership
  • Justus Baird
    Rabbi Justus Baird
  • Rabbi Carole B. Balin, Ph.D.
    Senior Director, Special Projects
  • Caitlin Breedlove
    Vice President, Movement Leadership
  • Britta Faust-Burak
    Britta Faust-Burak
    Senior Director, Strategic Philanthropy
  • Rebecca Felix
    Senior Accountant
  • Alyson Fraser
    Social Media and Community Engagement Associate
  • Karen Gaines
    Karen Gaines
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dan Greenman
    Director of Technology
  • Dr. Sharon Groves
    Vice President, Partner Engagement
  • Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani
    Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani
    Associate Director of Institutional Partnerships
  • Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
  • David Holland
    David Holland
    Director of Human Resources
  • Greg Horn
    Counselor to Presbyterian Students
  • Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Engagement Associate
  • Yelena Kneller
    Data and Technology Associate
  • Jeannie Lee
    Jeannie Lee
    Manager of Facilities and Hospitality
  • Sharon Miller
    Dr. Sharon Miller
    Director of Research and the Center for the Study of Theological Education
  • Zulma Miranda, Esq.
    Vice President, Strategic Philanthropy
  • Desiree Mullins
  • Jazmin Phillips
    Senior Accountant
  • Paul Raushenbush
    Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
    Senior Vice President
  • Miriam Rivera
    Office Manager and Assistant to the Executive Vice President
  • Christian Scharen
    Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen
    Vice President of Applied Research and the Center for the Study of Theological Education
  • Aimee Thunberg
    Aimee Thunberg
    Vice President, Communications
  • John Vaughn
    Rev. John Vaughn
    Executive Vice President
  • Courtney Weber Hoover
    Courtney Weber Hoover
    Events & Trainings Manager
  • Christine Yamamoto
    Executive Assistant to the President