#FightFor15 under threat in NY

Rev. Peter Cook | March 20, 2016


Moral Monday Action: People of faith are going to Albany to say, “No delays in the fight for $15!”

Whether or not New Yorkers win a $15 minimum wage could be decided in the next two weeks – and right now, we as people of faith have reason to be concerned.

Opponents of the raise are fighting back by trying to delay the increase, introduce industry exemptions, or keep the wage lower outside New York City.

That’s why I’m writing to you.

This Monday, we’re organizing a multifaith Moral Monday action at the Capitol. We’re coming together to proclaim: We will not stop until every New Yorker is paid a fair wage that honors their human worth and dignity.

If you can join us at the Capitol, great! Just reply to this email.

If you can’t be there in person, you can still be a big help. We’ll share your message with legislators who need to hear from people of faith around the state.

Click here to sign the petition to NY lawmakers: “Don’t back down on the #FightFor15.” We’ll deliver it on Monday.

We’ve come so far, and I refuse to be derailed by people who think New Yorkers – our neighbors, our friends, our family – don’t “deserve” to make a decent wage to finally lift themselves out of poverty.

New Yorkers like Monya, a certified nursing assistant in Buffalo, deserve a just wage.

“The work I do is important in the lives of the residents I care for, but the pay ($10/hour) leaves me painfully short in my ability to take care of my own family.”

I want 2016 to be the last year that Monya and other hard-working New Yorkers have to choose between paying rent and affording food. It is not right.

Help me and other faith leaders bring that message to the State Capitol on March 21st.

Click here to stand up and be counted this Monday.

In faith and hope,

Rev. Peter Cook
Executive Director, New York State Council of Churches
Board Member, NYS Labor-Religion Coalition

P.S. Once you’ve signed, help build the momentum by sharing it with your friends.

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