Hiding & Seeking

Hiding & Seeking: Faith & Tolerance After the Holocaust

A film by Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky

Made by the award-winning filmmakers of the art house favorite Life Apart: Hasidism in America, which received an Emmy nomination, Hiding and Seeking follows Menachaum Daum’s quest to fight his sons’ growing religious intolerance. The film follows Daum and his family from New York to Jerusalem to Poland, where Daum introduces his sons to the Catholic family that risked their lives to save his father-in-law during the Holocaust. Hiding and Seeking bears powerful witness to the difficulty and increasing necessity of compassion beyond the borders of one’s own religious community.

“Moving, honest and true!” – David Kehr, The New York Times

“That rarest of travel films, one that makes the gradual voyage of a soul toward enlightenment palpable.” – Leslie Cahmi, The Village Voice

“Hiding and Seeking is important, especially for Orthodox Jews, but also for all other Jews and, yes, all mankind.” – Rabbi Meyer Schille, author, The Road Back

“Hiding and Seeking succeeds brilliantly in showing the profoundly complex effects of a Holocaust connection on three, and eventually, four generations. A further notable contribution is its focus on religious aspects that are generally slighted or ignored in survivor and second-generation narratives.” – Michael Thayler, Professor of History, University of Santa Cruz


The film was completed in 2003.

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