Home Again

Home Again

A film by Julie Englander

When you’ve grown up all over the world, can you ever really go home again?

Home Again takes an intimate look at the struggles of evangelical Missionary Kids, whose childhoods have taken them around the globe.  Director Julie Englander follows them as they navigate their identity as Americans, as believers, and as adults. Their passports say that they are citizens of the United States, but at times the U.S. can seem like the strangest country of all.

Though these Missionary Kids, or MKs, have dug wells in Senegal and Bolivia, translated the Bible in Romania and Papua New Guinea, lived under the rule of dictators and learned to cope in countries where clean water is not easy to come by, the hardest task is finding a place to call home-in every sense of the word. In an increasingly “global” age, this one-hour vérité documentary will illuminate the rewards and perils of being a true citizen of the world.


Home Again is in post production.


How To Donate

All donations for the production and distribution of Home Again are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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