Muhi – generally temporary

Muhi - generally temporary

A film by Rina Castelnuovo and Tamir Elterman

Muhi-generally temporary tells the story of a Palestinian child from Gaza, Muhammad (Muhi) El Farrah, son of a Hamas activist wanted in Israel, who was transferred as a baby to Israel for treatment of a life-threatening incurable genetic condition. In order to save his life, Israeli doctors had to amputate Muhi’s four limbs. He was accompanied to Israel only by his grandfather. Months turned into years, and Muhi, now six, has lived his whole life in the Israeli medical facility, confined to its premises for security reasons.

Muhi is a clever, funny, joyful child. He speaks a mix of Hebrew and Arabic and loves everybody he meets, Jews and Arabs alike. Muhi is a child caught between two homes and two peoples. He is guarded by two men acting as his Palestinian and Israeli “fathers.” Abu Naim, the Gaza family patriarch, father of 13, and Muhi’s grandfather, is a deeply religious man who sees it as his Islamic duty to stay by his grandson. Buma Inbar is an Israeli veteran paratrooper who lost his soldier son at war, and in his bereavement finds purpose in comforting Muhi throughout his ordeal.

Muhi’s mother has only been able to visit Muhi twice in the last six years. Buma, acting as Muhi’s Israeli father, endlessly solicits government officials to provide security clearances and permits for Muhi’s grandfather to travel to Gaza, and Muhi’s mother to travel to Israel, to no avail. Abu Naim, has now also been denied a permit to stay in Israel, despite endless pleading by Buma.

Israeli physicians believe that returning Muhi to Gaza would be a death sentence, since Gaza’s hospitals are on the brink of collapse.


Muhi-generally temporary is on the festival circuit.


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