Team Tibet – Home Away From Home

Team Tibet - Home Away From Home

A film by Robin Greenberg

Team Tibet – Home Away From Home mines the inspirational life of Thuten Kesang, New Zealand’s first Tibetan refugee. He has lived in exile for more than fifty years in first India and then New Zealand, and dedicates every spare moment to raising awareness about the plight of Tibetans.

Thuten and his Auckland-born wife have sponsored more than twenty Tibetan children in exile and Thuten has also worked to locate New Zealand sponsors for more than two hundred Tibetan children in exile over the years.

He was a child Tibetan Buddhist monk until age 8, Tibetan nomad, Christian boarding school student in India until age 10, an orphan at age 13 – his mother died of starvation and his father died in a Chinese gulag – and a printer’s apprentice in Kolkata before migrating to New Zealand.

His early life informs his passion to raise awareness about Tibet. Thuten also wears many other hats from President of Auckland Multicultural Society to Honorary Secretary of the Office of Tibet. In 2009 in San Francisco, he received the Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award. This is his story.


Thuten Kesang, New Zealand’s first Tibetan refugee in 1967, recounts his fascinating and inspiring story and the environmental and political issues that have made him a tireless advocate of the Tibetan cause.  He lost his country, his parents and his language, but not what it means to be Tibetan and to remain openhearted.
‘Award of Distinction – 2017 Humanitarian Film Award’, The IndieFEST Film Awards
‘Award of Excellence – Documentary Feature’.  Accolade Global Film Competition
‘Award of Excellence’, The IndieFEST Film Awards

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