What Do You Believe Now?

What Do You Believe Now?

A film by Sarah Feinbloom

Fifteen years after six diverse American teenagers shared their spiritual struggles and aspirations in the award-winning film What Do You Believe?, they return to tell the stories of whom they have become in the new documentary What Do You Believe Now?

Shifting from past to present, and from the personal  to universal, their unfolding journeys represent a kaleidoscope of the changing face of American spirituality and religious beliefs.  The new documentary weaves together six characters:  Catholic, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, Lakota and Buddhist, and takes the audience from their adolescence to adulthood.

The characters move from deeply personal stories to universal questions of morality, higher powers, the nature of suffering, evil, religious intolerance and what awaits in the beyond.  They share their journeys against the backdrop of a deeply polarized and religiously divided society.  Through their unfolding lives, viewers are offered a portrait of both a more pluralistic America and a society in flux.  This multi-character approach engages viewers from multiple perspectives to find common ground, and is designed to spark dialogue around shared values.


Director Sarah Feinbloom is in production.

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