William Sloane Coffin: A Life

William Sloane Coffin: A Life

A film by Alex Gibney

William Sloane Coffin: A Life will examine in-depth the life and legacy of the brilliant, ebullient and now legendary former chaplain of Yale University and senior minister of Riverside Church in New York.

Heir to a furniture fortune, William Sloane Coffin’s initial aspiration was to become a concert pianist. He enlisted in the army in World War 11, joined the CIA during the Korean War, and faced his first great moral crisis when he realized that many of the Soviet refugees he was repatriating to the Soviet Union faced certain death.

Eventually, Coffin attended Yale Divinity School. He became an ordained Presbyterian minister, and married Eva Rubinstein, daughter of the pianist Arthur Rubinstein. After he left Yale, he became senior minister at Riverside Church in NY, where he involved himself in the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement and nuclear disarmament. During this period he divorced, and after a time married Harriet Gibney, mother of Alex Gibney, the film’s director.


The film is on hold.



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