Auburn’s Friends for Life podcast started its second season LIVE!

The Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson as sat down with Macky Alston and Lisa Anderson to take a look back to how she joined Auburn’s community before becoming our 11th president and to look forward into the world we long for and the ways we’re co-creating it.

In the Friends For Life podcast we practice ways to hold each other in body, mind, and spirit to live, thrive, love, and create the world we long for.

Join conversations on community, organizing, and resilience with hosts Lisa Anderson and Macky Alston as they dive into ways to find wholeness in this moment and over the long haul.

Emma Jordan-Simpson


Macky Alston


Lisa Anderson


Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson

“I am a beneficiary of Auburn’s commitments and its investments in women and in multifaith leadership. It is a blessing to continue this lineage of building a world where no one is excluded and where we are writing a better letter to the future than the one we received. The opportunity to deepen Auburn’s capacities to keep these waters troubled in this next chapter of its unfolding story is the sacred call I am answering.”

Read more from Emma and learn about why we’re so excited in our press release announcing her appointment and listen to Macky and Lisa below or at

Season 1 Preview Trailer:

Lisa and Macky are Friends for Life

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