Meet the moms speaking out for their transgender kids

For Mother’s Day this year, the Trans United Fund partnered with 3 moms of transgender kids to counter the recent spike in hate speech and policies against transgender folks across the United States. Sundance award-winning filmmaker Melissa Regan directed this moving video. 

By Melissa Regan

Sr. Simone Campbell, of Nuns on the Bus fame, talks about “touching the pain of the world as real” and “we are all part of the body of the divine.” All these Simone-isms were key to me making this PSA in a way that stayed rooted in people’s authentic experiences and not get caught up in accusing politicians of hate speech and fear mongering. Rather, the approach is from a position of radical acceptance and fighting – another Simone-ism.

Melissa Regan is currently working on a film about Auburn Fellow and NETWORK Lobby Executive Director Sr. Simone Campbell. More information can be found at

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