Leaders of faith and moral courage have guided social change throughout our nation’s history – from the abolition of slavery and the fight for Civil Rights to the struggle against gun violence and climate change. Auburn identifies and strengthens leaders – from the pulpit to the public square – to build communities, bridge divides, pursue justice, and heal the world.

These are the values that guide who we are and drive the strategic actions we take to foster the multifaith movement for justice:


We believe that all people are created equal before God and that our lives and all life are inextricably interwoven.  We therefore belong to each other and are called to protect the dignity and humanity of all people, and the well-being of the planet.


Whether through sacred text, engagement within our communities, efforts at reconciliation, or action for justice, we believe that powerful communication calls forth powerful action— that giving voice and listening deeply are the first steps to a new reality.


Human flourishing in the world requires a commitment to the ordinary care and concern for the bodies, minds, and spirits of all. We believe that wholeness and wellness is the birthright of every human being.


We are called to be open and attuned to the blessings in the old and the new. Wisdom in our traditions steadies us through change and innovation liberates us from limitations of the past.


Even in the face of great challenges, we delight in the small steps that carry us forward.