Journey with your friends from Auburn’s PGF and experience the magical island of Ireland through a unique lens at a unique moment in history. With Brexit looming, Ireland stands to be the only English-speaking country left in the EU. A quarter-century after the historic Good Friday Agreement, tensions and uncertainty threaten to destabilize an already fragile peace.

We will dive deep into the cultures of this remarkable place, unearthing the stories that brought us to this moment in history. All the while, we will form the beginnings of deep relationships with culture shapers, activists, faith leaders and entrepreneurs innovating— sometimes at great risk—to transform their societies.  This trip is being curated by Auburn and Telos, and will be co-led by world-renowned Irish and Northern Irish artists and peacemakers.


Your presence is instrumental to a better tomorrow

The President’s Global Forum is a distinguished leadership experience for the most inspired, committed and collaborative minds of today.

Members from a wide range of professional backgrounds and spiritual traditions partake in two intimate gatherings annually—one in New York and one in a destination location that changes each year.

Both meetings focus on dynamic conversations and transformative activities that revolve around meaning, ethics, beauty and solutions for creating a more just and compassionate world.

Members get direct access to prominent, renowned peoples of faith and moral courage from around the globe. They also have a unique chance to interact with Auburn’s multifaith staff and other diverse experts.

Gather in the spirit of new possibility

Converge in special places and spaces, including Auburn’s state-of-the-art facility.

Meet other change-makers and high-profile leaders with whom you can exchange ideas.

Share your expertise, advice and perspectives with Auburn’s esteemed president.

Access a one-of-a-kind online platform for continued learning and connection.

Receive VIP invitations to Auburn’s original programs and events.

Increase your knowledge with an individually tailored information service offering cutting-edge research, articles, books and reports.

Impart newfound wisdom, insights and action plans to your own faith networks.

Global Gatherings

Imagining a Future Together: Justice, Hope, and Reconciliation in South Africa, 2019

President Global Forum members spent 10 memorable days in South African with leaders from the faith, culture and business communities learning the present realities of the country and how these hopeful figures are addressing some of the seemingly intractable issues South Africa still faces today.


Pilgrimage of Hope to the Middle East, 2018

A week in the Holy Land meeting with courageous leaders in Israel and Palestine who offered a vision for peace even in the midst of our difficult time.

Art, Faith, and Social Transformation in Cuba, 2017

A week engaging artists, religious leaders, academics, and entrepreneurs in Cuba.

National Gatherings

2020 Where the Spirit is Moving:
An Intimate Conversation in Faith, Politics, and What’s at Stake, 2019

Auburn Seminary, NYC, NY

Racial Injustice and Violence in America, 2018

Montgomery, AL

Law, Religion and the Pursuit of Justice, 2017

Auburn Seminary, NYC, NY

Strengthening Our Civil Society In An Age of Fracture, 2016

Auburn Seminary, NYC, NY

Membership details

To ensure The President’s Global Forum provides a premier yet personal platform for real progress, we are selective about our membership process. We seek out individuals who align with our purpose and meet a few important qualifications.

Questions to consider

1. Do you actively participate in local, national or international causes?

2. Are you a lifelong learner who’s intellectually curious?

3. Do you strongly value diversity and inclusiveness?

4. Do you wish to expand your circles of influence?

5. Will you engage philanthropically (through your company or personally) with a minimum annual contribution to Auburn?*

*Ten-thousand dollars for individuals and fifteen-thousand dollars for couples.

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