Faithful Witness to the Poway Synagogue Shooting

APRIL 28, 2019
Statement of Auburn Seminary President the Rev. Katharine Rhodes Henderson

Auburn Seminary Condemns Anti-Semitism, Gun Violence, and White Nationalism

The tragedy in the wake of another terrorist attack, at another place of worship, breaks our hearts. We know that the people who live and worship in Poway are connected through the senseless loss of loved ones through gun violence to brothers and sisters in Christchurch, Pittsburgh, Charleston, Oak Creek, and Black churches in Louisiana. All of these people have names and are precious in God’s sight.

In Poway, we see yet again what happens when white nationalists are emboldened to perpetrate violence. How many more people will lose their lives through gun violence before we enact policies that will take assault weapons out of the hands of citizens?

As a Christian leader who is part of building a multifaith movement for justice, our work is to create a world where all belong. At this moment we stand with the Jews of Poway knowing that they who have just celebrated Passover are resilient. Jews have survived tyrants for thousands of years. Pharaoh is gone. Nebuchadnezzar is gone. Caesar — gone. Haman — gone. Hitler — gone. As their beloved communities often say: We Will Outlive Them.

We are calling on people of faith and moral courage and lawmakers to join us to build a world in which justice, freedom and human flourishing shall be the inheritance of all people. We choose hope instead of hate. We choose action over apathy.

We say to all victims of violence, we are with you.”

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