Apply for the all-expenses paid “Spiritual Ecology for Spiritual Leaders Retreat”, June 5-8 in Portland Maine.

Spiritual Ecology for Spiritual Leaders is a four-day retreat Auburn and The BTS Center are offering in Portland, Maine, for early-career leaders of faith and moral courage working for justice in community contexts this June. Participants, mostly from around Maine, will experience a time of deliberate engagement with each other, with the Earth, and with stories of our collective spiritual ecology.

This gathering is part of an Auburn program called Preparing Prophetic Leaders for a Multifaith World, a diverse network of connection and support for pastors and other emerging leaders.

With our colleagues in the Lilly Endowment’s Thriving in Ministry network, Auburn works to equip multifaith leaders with the prophetic imagination, networks of mentorship, and ongoing support they need to lead effectively in rapidly changing contexts of ministry.


Why we’ll gather

Spiritual leadership calls us to find ways to center ourselves and our communities with day-to-day ritual, seeking the sacred in mundane activities, and finding comfort in familiar forms of gathering.

During this retreat we will take time to immerse ourselves in restful and comforting practices of nature connection, artistic expression, meal sharing, and story-telling.

Spiritual leadership also demands of us a prophetic commitment to revealing, naming, accounting for, and unsettling the forces of domination festering on our planetary home.

During this retreat we will take time to uncover challenging questions about the climate crisis and to reflect on the exigent historical and contemporary experiences of native tribes in our local contexts.

We hope that each leader will return to their communities with creativity flowing, imagination sparking, body rested, and spirit renewed.

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