David BeasleyIntegrated Marketing Director

David Beasley leads Auburn Seminary’s use of digital tools to deepen connections to, with, and among leaders in the multifaith movement for justice. They are most interested in the way that relationships can exist across distance and difference in digital spaces. David leads online growth by finding new ways to provide tools to train, support, and nourish leaders in service of the broader movement for justice.

Before joining Auburn, David was a member of the senior leadership team and responsible for communications and marketing at the Participatory Budgeting Project, a nonprofit startup that is changing the way government works by giving people direct control over how their taxes are spent in their communities. David builds communications programs that serve as megaphones for experts. At Safe Horizon, they supported survivors of violence, including Miss America Kazantsev, to use personal stories that survivors would be seen as more full humans. At Scenarios USA, David learned that if you want to have better sexual health curriculum in high school, the best thing to do is center the voices of high school students.

David believes that to make a more just world, we must support the leaders on the frontline.

David practices supporting leaders when he is away from Auburn by learning to be a better partner to his wife, a movement leader he admires most, and a better parent to his awesome kid. He loves to make music with friends and family, imagine new ways to undermine and disrupt gender, and leading collaborative storytelling events (by being a dungeon master for D&D games with friends).