Dewerys VasquezManager of Information Technology

Dewerys Vasquez is Auburn Seminary’s Manager of Information Technology. He is responsible for the database needs and supporting all areas of technology. That includes managing Salesforce (Auburn’s database and CRM) to ensure data accuracy and integrity, etc., through the implementation of strong internal processes.

Dewerys holds a degree in Network and Communications Management and is currently working on an Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security at NYU. He brings several years as an Information Technology Assistant and Systems Administrator to his work to make sure that Auburn’s Staff and the Leaders they serve have all the technological tools they need to do their work more efficiently, thus contributing to Auburn’s institutional goals and mission, ready at hand and working well.

When he’s not keeping Auburn up and running, you can find Dewerys going for long runs or bike rides around his home in the Bronx. The rest of his time is spent reading books or spending time with his wife and two children, exploring their neighborhood, the city, and the world.

The Catholic church is a cornerstone of Dewerys’ spiritual practice but his mother remains his greatest religious teacher.

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