Dr. Keisha E. McKenzieInterim Program Officer (Director of Digital Strategy)

    As the Program team’s director of digital strategy, Keisha managed the Groundswell Movement organizing community, consulted with other program team members on deepening their impact through Auburn’s digital platforms, and collaborated with the Auburn communications team on public or movement-facing content. Keisha has led the Program team since June 2019.

    Keisha grew up in the U.K. and completed college in Jamaica and graduate studies in technical communication and rhetoric at Texas Tech University. Her research addresses the British executive branch’s scientific and public communication about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Since 2012, Keisha has worked as a communication/development strategist, faith organizer, and consultant, and supported several faith-rooted justice nonprofit boards across the United States in developing advocacy and justice campaigns and international partnerships for lay people of faith.

    Keisha believes that all people have inherent worth and dignity, that we deserve a world where all of us can flourish, and that people of faith must help to make that world of possibility real.