Zulma Miranda, Esq.Senior Vice President, Strategic Philanthropy

Zulma Miranda is Senior Vice President of Strategic Philanthropy. In this capacity, she fosters meaningful relationships and leads strategic initiatives with donor partners, foundations and institutions committed to transformative social change. She places a high priority on the highest definition of philanthropy: “for the love of human beings”, and believes that by engaging our donor partners, as critical and interconnected to social change, we deeply influence the philanthropic landscape.

Zulma is a human rights lawyer with over 20 years of experience as a social justice activist. She has developed and implemented initiatives centered on lifting up the voices and stories of the most marginalized people around the world, establishing landmark legal precedents in domestic and international forums. Central to this work is providing support to emerging groups and leaders, as agents of change and enforcers of public policy and law. In this capacity, she discovered the value and impact of community building and partnership, at all levels and with diverse stakeholders. Prior to Auburn, Zulma served as Senior Counsel and Advisor for several institutions: The Global Justice Center, UN Women, Women’s League of Burma, Burma’s Lawyers’ Counsel, Women’s Link Worldwide, Hero Women Rising, the International Women’s Human Rights Clinic, Equality Now, and ACLU.

Zulma serves as Global Advisor to World Pulse, a growing social network connecting 60,000 people from 190 countries with one mission: to create a world where all women thrive – one click, one comment, one connection at a time. Her vision for the future is to build strategic partnerships for a brighter, stronger and more resilient world, where our actions are driven by our sense of interconnectedness, and the world is balanced by feminine values.