Auburn Voices is a media platform for the multifaith movement for social justice.  Auburn Voices offers thoughtful discourse on the power of faith and moral courage to mobilize for a more just and peaceful world.


Voices is supported by generous grants from One World Fund, Fellowship in Prayer and individual contributions.  If you would like to contribute to making Voices possible please contact us.


Editorial Guidelines

Voices is the digital platform at Auburn created for and by the multifaith movement for justice.  Voices solicits and curates writing and videos from people representing diverse religious and spiritual tradition and provides inspiration and resources on ways faith and moral courage can create a more just and compassionate world.

We encourage reflection on the ways that personal and collective peace and liberation occurs, including pieces on spiritual practice, social policy, political movements, and well-being and self care.  Voices seeks to highlight stories of people and communities coming together across religious divide to work together for the common good.

Many of the pieces on Voices respond to current news events, offering a faith perspective on politics, art, and new publications.  Just as important, however, are pieces that talk broadly about questions of meaning, theology, and longer terms strategies for justice.

Articles on Voices feature a wide range of perspectives and should not be understood as representing the views of Auburn Seminary. Pieces on Voices are subjected to a rigorous vetting process and not all submitted pieces are accepted for publication on our platform.

For questions or submission, contact us.

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