After Charlottesville, what’s next?

By Rev. Dr. Katharine R. Henderson

(photo via @AndyBCampbell)

In the last few days, faith leaders and people of moral courage have been rising up to condemn the horrific display of white supremacy we saw in Charlottesville this past Saturday.

Read the firsthand accounts from two of our Senior Fellows who participated in the counter-protest: Will America Pick Up its Cross? by Lisa Sharon Harper and What I Saw in Charlottesville by Brian McLaren. Powerful, raw, and poignant. Auburn stands with all those who sang, marched, prayed, and continue to work toward the vision of America where justice prevails.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of stories covering Saturday’s events and the role of spiritual leaders:

And check out the Powerful Images of Spiritual Resistance from the National Council of Churches.

We are now called to deepen our commitment to denounce racism in all its forms and to stand up against white supremacy wherever we see it. Here are some of the resources that our partners have developed to help us, as we recommit ourselves to be a force for racial justice.

We are praying for the victims and their families following the violent attacks in Charlottesville — and are deeply grateful for those who put their lives on the line to demonstrate #loveoverhate.

Rev. Dr. Katharine R. Henderson is President of Auburn Seminary.

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