Download “The Great Turning” report today!

Auburn recently published a new report: The Great Turning: Report from Black, Latinx, and White Gatherings. Download this resource here.

This report is the product of a year-long project. Over several months, Auburn convened people of faith and moral courage across three demographic groups and asked what it means to belong to each other in a profoundly divided world—and how we can come together across divisions to create a world where all can thrive.

The results were profound. The report discusses moving beyond the binary of inclusion and exclusion. It highlights the need for building trust and having space to be vulnerable and heal. It identifies the incredible diversity and points of tension within communities, underscoring the shortfalls of treating any demographic as a monolith. It calls for a different vision for liberation and offers examples where this vision has already taken root.

As we continue our journey toward a better future—toward “The Great Turning” from unsustainable growth to political, economic, and social balance—these findings strengthen the connections that are essential to creating a multiracial democracy in the U.S.

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