Faith Table Weekly Briefing – October 7

Bringing together the national and the local for a sustained progressive faith movement

By Michael Vasquez and Sharon Groves


Many folks in the movement are engaged deeply in the work of combatting Christian Nationalism and forging a pathway for a sustained, inclusive, pluralistic democracy that upholds bodily autonomy as a fundamental cross-communal right, may you be nourished and upheld. All of our Happenings this week tend toward this theme.



Check out the first episode of “The Pre-Work” – Race Equity

The Pre-Work Podcast invites us into race and sexual equity. With the help of Melvin Bray, Cedric Harmon (Many Voices) and Crystal Cheatham (Our Bible App), Episode 2: Better Than Sex examines the spectrum of human sexuality, beginning with an acknowledgment of our common misunderstandings of sexuality, including the idea that sex is the totality of human sexuality.

The Wisdom & The Work is a podcast that emphasizes the value of privileging the wisdom of Black, Ingenious, People of Color and challenging white people to step up and do the work, in order to move towards racial justice.





Join this year’s Religious Freedom Mobile Institute, October 27-29th


Buy Tickets for “Christian Nationalism and the Future of Democracy” Here



The National Council of Jewish Women is hiring for a few new roles, including a Director of Development, Digital Communications Associate, and other incredible positions. Check them out and share with your networks.

Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square in Greenwich Village, NYC, has just posted its call for applicants for senior leadership. All who are interested should apply by November 15, 2022, and please spread the word! This historic congregation has been committed to radical arts, social justice and worship for generations and is ready for the next transformation!



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