Shifra Bronznick: We Jewish Women Must Show Up At The Women’s March

Shifra Bronznick is a social change strategist in residence at Auburn, was the founder and President of Advancing Women Professionals & the Jewish Community.  Ms. Bronznick recently wrote a powerful op-ed in The Forward titled: We Jewish Women Must Show Up At The Women’s March.  In it she writes:

Many of us know that this is a critical time to stay at the table. To stay and talk and build an agenda based on the Women’s March Unity Principles that reflect so many of our core commitment, including the need to fight anti-Semitism. We need to stay at the table to have robust conversations about the realities of our lives and our histories, and about the ways in which racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Islamophobia and ableism prevent us from fulfilling our potential. Radical empathy that allows us to hear new truths and evolve, is a key part of the beauty and strength of a woman-led movement.

Of course, anti-Semitic conversations have no place in feminist environments, and I wish that Louis Farrakhan had no people at all in attendance at his rallies to listen to his despicable, virulent rants. I also wish that more white Jews would make it the highest priority to join with Jews of Color to dismantle racism inside our communities and in the world.

Read the entire article in The Forward here.

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