Virtual Vigil on Grief, Growth, and Justice

On June 9, 2022, we partnered with Reimagine—experts in channeling the hard parts of life into meaningful action and growth—for a virtual vigil featuring Auburn President, Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson, Reimagine board member Pastor Corey Kennard, and Resistance Revival Chorus member treya lam.
The conversation explored the ways acts of service and justice work can fuel transformation and self-knowledge. As religious leaders like Dr. Jordan-Simpson and Pastor Kennard or justice-minded creators like treya lam, the panelists shared their experiences of spiritual growth and how action and advocacy can repair ourselves, our communities, and our world.



Reimagine’s Virtual Candlelight Vigil with Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson, Corey Kennard, and treya lam from Reimagine on Vimeo.

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