Women Wage Peace “Prayer Of The Mothers” Song Will Give You Joy – And Hope

By Yael Deckelbaum

“Prayer Of The Mothers” was born only three weeks ago as a result of an alliance I made with a group of courageous women who together are leading the movement of “Women Wage Peace.”

The movement arose on summer 2014 during the escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

Deep change can only be lead by the mighty and embracing force of women. Click to Tweet

Over the last two years, the movement has been working to restore the dialogue of peace towards resolution of the conflict in a nonviolent way, recruiting more and more women from all sectors, religions and nationalities to join the awakening of a new spirit, and to create a dialogue of hope and a genuine, fundamental and deep change, which can only be lead by the mighty and embracing force of women.

On October 19, 1,000 Palestinian women and 1,000 Israeli women will Wage Peace Click to Tweet

On October 4, 2016, Jewish and Arab women began with the joint “March of Hope” project. Thousands of women are currently marching from the north of Israel to Jerusalem in a call for peace.  This call will reach its peak on October 19th, in a march of at least 1,000 Palestinian women alongside 1,000 Jewish Israeli women to Qasr el Yahud (on the northern Dead Sea). Jordanian women will be coming from the other side of the river meet on the watery border in a joint prayer for peace. The very same evening the final assembly of the march will take place in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem.

The last march will be joined by the Nobel Prize for Peace winner Leymah Gbowee, who lead to the end of the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003, by the joint force of women.

Nobel Prize for Peace winner Leymah Gbowee will join 1000s of women waging peace. Click to Tweet

In the song, I combined a recording of Leymah, sampled from a YouTube video in which she had sent her blessings to the movement.

Women Waging Peace events are taking place across the world in support of this march, including Egypt, Jordan, Paris, Morocco, and a march on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.  Over the last two weeks I have recruited over 30 women to perform the song with me. The women participating in the recording are from all sectors: Jewish, Arab, religious and secular women from all ages who met together in the studio in a revelation of peace.

Amongst them are Yael Deckelbaum, Lubna Salame, Anat Malamud, Maysa Daw, Daniel Rubin, Miriam Toukan and  Rana Choir.

Yael Deckelbaum is a singer songwriter who has collaborated with many different national and international artists. 

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