The Hartley Media Impact Initiative at Auburn equips faith leaders and communities with media tools to amplify their prophetic witness and advance their justice work.

Hartley Impact broadens the network of organizations and faith leaders committed to leveraging the power of story for social good. This Initiative conducts workshops with faith leaders and filmmakers to create a space for discussion about the challenges and opportunities of film-based work in faith-based movement work. These workshops spark new understandings and ideas about how to enhance a more graceful integration of film into faith-rooted contexts.

Hartley Impact builds the field and practice of media impact for social good by creating deep relationships between media makers and movement leaders from across all faiths.

The Hartley Media Impact Initiative also oversees a fiscal sponsorship program for documentaries that focus on the impact of religions on current global issues. If a film below has a Donate button, that film is fiscally sponsored by Auburn Seminary. Please give!

For more information, contact Sarah Masters at [email protected].

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