Trouble the waters.
Heal the world.
Auburn equips bold and resilient leaders with the tools and resources needed for our multifaith world.

We provide the education, research, support, and media savvy leaders to bridge religious divides, build community, pursue justice, and heal the world.


Moral Leadership in Politics

Our faith and moral values aren’t partisan. They push us to transcend party politics and work towards a higher calling and movement for justice, equality, respect, and love for all people. Send your prayers and support to Auburn Senior Fellow, Senator Raphael Warnock now.


Who will tell a compelling future story of America, one in which we can truly see ourselves and be better for it?

Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle

Equipping leaders of faith to live out self-care as a mandate for prophetic ministry.

Friends For Life

Where we hold each other in body, mind, and spirit to live, thrive, love, and win.

Conversations on community, organizing, and resilience with Lisa Anderson and Macky Alston from Auburn Seminary who interview pairs of friends on what gives them life and how they are finding resilience in this moment and over the long haul.


Trainings, workshops, webinars, coaching, learning communities & more to take your leadership to the next level.

Reports, consulting, and evaluation to support multifaith leaders and institutions with the skills and resolve needed to create a more just world.

Start or join campaigns for justice rooted in faith and moral courage.


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