Little White Lie

Little White Lie

A film by Lacey Schwartz

Little White Lie explores the universal theme of dual identity, and the story is rooted in Lacey Schwartz’s Jewish family experience. The narrative follows her upbringing in a white, Jewish family and her discovery, at the age of 18, that her biological father is African-American. Lacey is a Harvard-educated lawyer who continued to believe throughout her childhood that her “Jewishness” accounted for her “otherness,” until she attended college at Georgetown and decided to ask for the truth from her family.

The lens through which the film is viewed is very much influenced by the Jewish principles Lacey inherited. Little White Lie delves into how and why individuals and groups identify each other based on personal perceptions, even at the expense of truth. As Lacey revisits her past and the legacy of her family’s secret, she also looks to come to terms with the historical links and divisions between African-Americans and Jews.

Lacey describes herself as “a practicing Jew who is particularly religious…I feel an association with my faith but I’m figuring out how to deepen my connection to Judaism in a way that is relevant to my reality. By taking the viewer along with me on that journey, Little White Lie will share a coming-of-age experience figuring out individual spirituality and identity.”


Little White Lie is now available on DVD.


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