Faith leaders speak out against U.S. withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

NEW YORK — Auburn Seminary deeply regrets President Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. The Iran Deal was the result of international consensus and served to help halt Iran’s nuclear capabilities and offer a path toward an enduring peace in the Middle East. Nothing that Iran has done warrants withdrawal, as the IAEA has verified 10 times that Iran is complying with the terms of the agreement. President Trump’s decision can only be seen as a reckless desire to escalate conflict with Iran and will only serve to isolate the United States in a crucial moment in world history. As with the Paris Climate Change agreement, President Trump seems willing to break every promise that the United States has made to our allies as well as our adversaries.

Auburn Seminary President  Katharine R. Henderson issued the following statement:

“Peace and security are carefully wrought, yet President Trump seems almost eager to tear them apart. As religious leaders who heed the mandate toward cooperation and peace between and among nations, as well as among all people, we urge Congress to do all in its power to mitigate this foreign policy disaster in the making and to re-establish the integrity of the United States as an international partner that can be trusted to honor our agreements.”


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