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  • Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson
  • Lisa Anderson
    Vice President, Embodied Justice Leadership
  • Day Beasley
    Integrated Marketing Director
  • Shifra Bronznick
    Social Change Strategist in Residence
  • Mary Beth Guyther (she, her) smiles at the camera, her chin perched on her hand with her eyes twinkling behind dark rimmed glasses.
    Mary Beth Guyther
    Assistant Director of Institutional Partnerships
  • Laura Healy
    Manager of Facilities and Hospitality
  • Greg Horn
    Counselor to Presbyterian Students
  • Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Director, Strategic Partnerships
  • Jeannie Lee
    Director, Facilities and Hospitality
  • Dr. Erica M. Ramirez
    Director of Applied Research
  • Dr. Patrick B. Reyes
    Seminary Dean
  • Cade Steinmetz-Silber
    Engagement Associate
  • Dewerys Vasquez
    Manager of Information Technology
  • Courtney Weber Hoover
    Courtney Weber Hoover
    Director of Program Operations
  • Chris Yamamoto
    Executive Assistant to the President

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