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  • Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson
  • Lisa Anderson
    Vice President, Embodied Justice Leadership
  • Day Beasley
    Integrated Marketing Director
  • Shifra Bronznick
    Social Change Strategist in Residence
  • Dr. Sharon Groves Photo by Angela Jimenez for PPFA
    Dr. Sharon Groves
    Vice President, Partner Engagement
  • Cedric E. Edmundson
    Chief Finance and Administration Officer
  • Laura Healy
    Manager of Facilities and Hospitality
  • Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
    President Emerita
  • Greg Horn
    Counselor to Presbyterian Students
  • Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Director, Strategic Partnerships
  • Bill Longbrake
    Economist in Residence
  • Jeannie Lee
    Director, Facilities and Hospitality
  • Sarah Masters
    Director of Media Impact
  • Dr. Keisha E. McKenzie
    Senior Vice President of Programs
  • Desiree Mullins
  • Dr. Erica M. Ramirez
    Director of Applied Research
  • Miguel Roman
    Director, People Operations
  • Cade Steinmetz-Silber
    Engagement Associate
  • Dewerys Vasquez
    Manager of Information Technology
  • Courtney Weber Hoover
    Courtney Weber Hoover
    Director of Program Operations
  • Chris Yamamoto
    Executive Assistant to the President

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