Cade Steinmetz-SilberEngagement Associate

    Cade Steinmetz-Silber helps Auburn build relationships through public programs and engagements. Previously, she has worked with The Laundromat Project, an arts organization based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn that equips artists and neighbors to create change in their own communities. Cade has also coordinated fundraising events for cultural organizations including Keigwin + Company and Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and provided strategic guidance to peers in the sector launching grassroots fundraising campaigns.

    A native New Yorker, Cade is passionate about the power of culture to advance social change, and devoted to building power and sovereignty in queer and trans communities. She is committed to upholding equitable, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist practices at the center of her fundraising work. Cade is a DJ who enjoys collecting records, and a martial artist with a first-degree black belt in goju-ryu karate.

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