The Three M’s: Mission

Why Are We Working Together?

Filmmakers and faith-rooted partners should always begin with a conversation about MISSION. Think and communicate honestly with your allies about who you are, what you care about, and what has influenced your work so far. Plus, when you talk about mission, you’re likely to learn fascinating things about each other that you can draw on along the way.

The New BlackPhoto Credit: Jen Lemen

Discussion Prompts

What values are at play?

What excites you about this project?

What does each of us bring to this effort?

What should I know about your spiritual beliefs and practices? How, if at all, will this affect our partnership?

What experiences have influenced you?

Who are you — what’s your story?

What brings you to this work?

Have you ever worked with a filmmaker or faith-rooted leader before? What happened, and what did you learn?

What does each of us hope to achieve? (Some filmmakers and faith-rooted partners will be interested in assessing how and whether the film contributed to some kind of desired change.)


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