Combatting Loneliness and Social isolation In Activism: Caitlin Breedlove On Resilience

By Logan Nakyanzi Pollard

Caitlin Breedlove, Vice President of Movement Leadership at Auburn Seminary, has a wonderfully complex mind– in one breath she’ll reference seminal social activist Grace Lee Boggs— and Bogg’s notion of “dialectical humanism” — and in the next, bring her point home with insights into her own foibles as an organizer. This intelligence and authenticity make even loneliness and social isolation seem like problems that anyone can tackle.

Her work comes at a pivotal time as many activists:

“Feel anguish at the harm being done to our communities, anger at the failure of many of our old strategies, and helplessness for what we can bring as leaders to the times ahead.”

Breedlove calls us to do “the work” as we define it, and hints at a formula for resilience– through service. She is currently part of the team shaping the Auburn Senior Fellows program, and also the host of the “Fortification” podcast, which explores the topic with organizers, and works as a leadership coach guiding leaders within and without Auburn.

After more than fifteen years of organizing and movement building experience within “red states,” Breedlove has built and supported dozens of successful campaigns and organizations (large and small) in state-based climates of extreme hate and indifference.

Watch her entire talk on resilience here.

This talk is part of a monthly webinars series at Auburn, focused on topics of interest to the public and faith leaders.

Logan Nakyanzi Pollard is Associate Dean at Auburn Seminary. 
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