Powerful Images Of Spiritual Resistance in Charlottesville

The photographs below were taken over two day in Charlottesville by the Rev. Steven D. Martin, Director of Communications and Development for the National Council of Churches, who documented the effort by clergy to counter act the hateful racism of the Unite the Right rally.  In a statement written for the NCC, Rev. Martin writes:

We give thanks for the moral witness given by concerned people of faith, including clergy, who came to Charlottesville to stand as a barrier before those gathered in the cause of white supremacy.  We are grateful for the leadership offered by Rev. Brittany Caine-Conley, Rev. Seth Wispelway, Congregate C’ville (a group instrumental in the organizing of the counter-protest), and dozens of others who spent countless hours preparing for this now-infamous day.  Their courage and faith in the face of hate is an inspiration to all of us.

We thank Rev. Martin for his own witness to the courage of many and for giving us these beautiful photographs of hope.  May they inspire us to acts of mercy, justice and love.

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