A People’s Christmas (Poem)

By Carlos Rodriguez

Socks are ok-

Sometimes I only have my words to give



-I will resist-

my words will carry me

And they will always say


something like that


My sometimes-fearful eyes are not scared of you they are just scared for us

I am just a broken member of this broken species- nothing more- nothing less


Its ok to just get me socks…my broken sister

my broken brother- I have broken and been broke

What I need now is your embrace

this dark winter- inescapable even for those without political science degrees-




What have we done to ourselves?

Everything cannot be lost- As the powerful gather in state capitols-

The people- Mi gente


making tamales-giving each other socks—plotting God’s resistance.

Carlos Martin Rodriguez is Christian Service Director, Campus Minister, and Theology teacher at Verbum Dei High School in Watts, California.

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