Join the Sanctuary National Day of Action on January 17

By Rev. Noel Andersen

If there ever was a time to step up for our friends and neighbors, it is now.

Next week, Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States.
If he follows through on the hateful discriminatory and anti-immigrant proposals he made during his campaign, our communities will be devastated. One of the best chances we have to stop Donald Trump is by supporting and protecting marginalized communities through Sanctuary.

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The Sanctuary Movement is experiencing a resurgence of energy, not seen since its founding in the 1980s: Cities, schools, and even restaurants are stepping up to declare their spaces a Sanctuary from the hateful policies of Donald Trump.

Join thousands across the country in a National Sanctuary Day of Action on January 17th.

We’re asking people like you to host actions, vigils, trainings, press conferences, share stories online, and issue public statements in support of Sanctuary all on the same day to send the message to Donald Trump and his administration that if they want to come after our communities, they’ll have to go through all of us.

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The links will take you to a survey so we can hear what you already have planned, what support you need to take further action, and you’ll find a toolkit to help you set up an event if you’re interested. Early next week, we’ll email everyone with a list of events and a social media guide.
Together, we can show the newly elected administration that we will stand up to protect each other – join us January 17th.

Sanctuary is powerful because it shows how people live out their faith by accompanying the most marginalized among us
– together, we can create a powerful sacred space of love, welcome and solidarity instead of the racism and xenophobia that has taken over our political system; through Sanctuary we can stop tearing families and communities apart.

Rev. Noel Andersen is the National Grassroots Coordinator for Church World Service.

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