This Thanksgiving, Tell Your Family and Friends About Standing Rock

By Julia Nerbonne

Over the past few months, Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light has been mobilizing faith communities in Minnesota to stand in solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. I’ve had the honor to be with the Water Protectors during the national call for clergy on Nov. 3 and earlier this fall. It’s been transformative to be there, and we’re committed more than ever to the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline as police violence escalates.

The continued violent repression the Water Protectors face today is part of an ongoing history of oppression and genocide of Indigenous People that must end with us, through the rejection of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

As you gather with your friends and families this weekend, we encourage you to watch this stunning video together about Standing Rock and the Water Protectors, and share it on social media.

This Thanksgiving weekend, one important way to support the Water Protectors is by acknowledging the history of the treatment of Native Peoples and considering how we can  together write a new story for our country’s future – one where the sovereignty and dignity of Indigenous Peoples is respected.

And if you haven’t yet, please sign the faith community petition to President Obama asking him to honor his commitment to the people of Standing Rock by using his power to intervene on their behalf. You can also support the Water Protectors by making a donation to the Medic and Healers Council, who are working tirelessly to care for the injured Water Protectors.

Julia Nerbonne is the Executive Director of Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light


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