As the social fabric of our country precariously teeters towards fascism, many Americans are waking up to the knowledge that the rights their parents had may not be the rights they or their children get to experience. People of all walks are experiencing a sense of urgency to do something. Auburn is delighted to announce a podcast resource we have produced in partnership with Crystal Cheatham of Our Bible App called The Pre-Work.

This 8-episode series asks the question: “What’s the inner work that must be done before we begin to lead our prospective communities towards acts of justice and a better America?” and includes conversations with social justice leaders such as Emmy Award winner Melvin Bray and the creator of White Homework, Tori Williams Douglass, and more, leading listeners down two specific pathways towards racial equity and LGBTQ equity.

Episode one (“Race Equity: Before You Become An Expert”) features a conversation with Melvin Bray, Sterling Freeman (CounterPart Consulting), and Tori Glass (White Homework), exploring the foundational tools for racial equity work, including how whiteness works and takes up space from a neuroscience perspective.

Take a listen and subscribe to The Pre-Work here or wherever you get your podcasts!

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