Skills, tools, and support for effective leadership in movements for social justice.


Learning is at the heart of Auburn’s mission. Leaders, institutions and communities turn to us as trainers, conveners, consultants, and facilitators. They come to Auburn to learn skills for making change, strengthen their faith-rooted communications, evaluate programs, facilitate high stakes gatherings, and find solutions to leadership challenges. How can Auburn help you learn and grow in your faith-rooted justice leadership?



Auburn studies theological education, faith communities, and faith-rooted social movements to understand how faith leaders are best prepared.


We offer a broad variety of consulting services to help leaders and their institutions and organizations understand the challenges and opportunities that confront them. Our clients include a range of faith-based NGOs, theological schools and seminaries, denominations and congregations.


Deeper learning takes more time, more commitment, and harder work. Auburn occasionally creates learning communities that stay together for a period of time for deep growth. These are examples of recent learning communities Auburn has created. Participation in these communities is generally through an application process.


Every major social movement has prophetic voices that draw on the great religious traditions to chart a just way forward. Often, however, these leaders have lacked critical support.

The Auburn Senior Fellows program is designed to equip, platform, and connect leaders who have great potential to catalyze and advance multifaith movements for justice.

Senior Fellows gather for two retreats a year and receive executive coaching and consulting support from Auburn throughout the year. Once elected, Senior Fellows are invited to remain in the program for as long as they are actively engaged in faith-rooted justice work and committed to participating in the program.


MountainTop is a dynamic space for multifaith movement leaders to powerfully and lovingly engage our social justice landscape.

This gathering was the third time Auburn has invited leaders into this kind of community to encourage them to lean into the truth of their experience as a necessary resource for our work to heal and repair the world.

The event took place on December 9-11, 2019, in Oakland.


Justice Ministry Education (JME) is a 300-hour leadership and spiritual formation program that brings together small groups to explore suffering caused by injustice, practical skills for leading communities in social change, the spiritual nature of public capacity, personal reflection on one’s role in pursuing justice, self-care for prophetic leadership, and the religious or theological grounding of justice work.


The Resilient Leaders Across a Fractured Country fellowship cohort supports leaders grounded in politically-divided states. The 7 leaders in the inaugural cohort are of (and represent) communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, rural, and working class people. They are organizers, educators, and healers. The contexts they work in, and the work itself, have given them powerful knowledge about resilient leadership in our current political climate.


The Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to knitting a new narrative of self-care within the fabric of movement building.

The Sojourner Truth Transformational Leadership Fellowship is the signature experience of the Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle. This eight-month-long program gathers a cohort of 12 black women leaders of many faiths, ages, backgrounds, and areas of social justice expertise to deeply explore the connection between self-care and prophetic leadership.


The President’s Global Forum is a distinguished leadership experience for the most inspired, committed and collaborative minds of today. Members from a wide range of professional backgrounds and spiritual traditions partake in two intimate gatherings annually—one in New York and one in a destination location that changes each year.


The CrossCurrents Research Colloquium brings together fellows (religious scholars, sociologists, clergy, activists, artists and others) who have dedicated their work on topics pertaining to faith-based social and religious justice. The Colloquium offers a unique opportunity for in-depth scholarly exploration by creating a harmonious environment conducive to research, discourse, collaboration, and reflection.


These are examples of training programs Auburn brings to institutions, groups, and conferences. Our trainers travel anywhere in the U.S. and around the world. We also have a state of the art facility in Manhattan. Trainings are offered for a fee, and occasionally Auburn can assist groups in fundraising to cover the training costs. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Find out if we can customize an offering for you. Contact our Manager of Events and Trainings, Courtney Weber at [email protected].


Now more than ever, we need tools to be in relationships with our loved ones, our community members, and our fellow humans around the world. With Bridging Divides, you’ll learn about and experiment with some of the most effective tools and strategies engaged by faith-rooted organizers to recognize and respect common humanity and find ways to live with differences in peace, and you will be supported to iterate a strategy ideally suited for your community or challenge.


Get the skills to effectively nurture and promote pastors to not only address the challenges they currently face in today’s ecumenical Church, but how to also thrive in the midst of them.

Faith-Rooted Creative Activism

Integrate your creativity, justice commitments, and experience with faith or spiritual practice in order to create catalytic campaigns and actions that capture the public imagination and inspire people to care and act for justice.


Learn to rise above fear, hatred, cynicism… and listen to that quiet voice within, urging you to stand up for what is right! You don’t need to be a full-time social justice worker to stand up for what is right and offer what you were meant to contribute. If your heart breaks for the pain of the world and you long to help advance its healing, then Living Moral Courage is for you.


Auburn’s Media and Messaging workshop provides the skills you need to identify and adhere to a core message, framed by compelling values and anchored by story, and to deliver it effectively in a range of interview contexts. This training, focused on what you want to say and how you say it most compellingly, is core to your success in any communication work you do — social media, the opinion page, podcasts, video, radio, book-writing – you name it.

Social Media for Faith-Rooted Justice

Through hands-on engagement, you will design and test your own social media campaign, deciding between the use of current platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, as well as choosing which pieces of digital content to produces such as posts, blogs, videos, and memes.

The training will draw upon the wisdom and experience of people in the room, infuse the group’s practice with the inspiration of an Auburn expert practitioner, and analyze recent campaigns that have changed the game — both in positive and negative ways.

Storytelling & Public Narrative: The Moral of the Story

The Faith-Rooted Storytelling and Public Narrative workshop explores the various ways story is at the heart of social change, revealing how story has served the great religious and social change movements throughout history, and how it shapes our current realities. Half-day or full-day trainings available.


Free trainings from our experts on technology, movement-building, combatting racism, and more.

Wholeness & Wellness for Prophetic Ministry

Auburn’s Wholeness & Wellness retreats are facilitated through the Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle (STLC), a pioneering, model program that seeks to establish wholeness and wellness as the bedrock for faith-based leaders working for social change and as the birthright of every individual and community.

Wise About Money

Explore the interconnected nature of faith and funds — from pastoral issues and personal finance, to fundraising and economic theory — in our Wise About Money workshop.