Auburn Conversations: The Temptation of Authoritarianism, June 6
On June 6, 2016, we're hosting an intimate conversation on the rhetorical seduction of authoritarianism brought into focus by the 2016 election season, and its alarming consequences for our communities.
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Join the new Storytelling Learning Lab at Auburn​ in NYC on June 9th and 10th
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A Five-Year Report On How New Ministers Learn in Practice
Auburn Lives of Commitment Awards - 20th Anniversary
Honoring outstanding leaders of faith & moral courage who bridge divides, build community, & pursue justice
Auburn Impact Report
A retrospective of Auburn’s work to grow the multifaith movement for justice


Auburn equips bold and resilient leaders with the tools and resources needed for our multifaith world. We provide the education, research, support, and media savvy leaders need to bridge religious divides, build community, pursue justice, and heal the world.


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