200 years of troubling the waters.
Helping leaders of faith and moral courage to heal the world.

We are a seminary
for the 21st century

Auburn equips leaders with the organizational skills and spiritual resilience required to create lasting, positive impact in local communities, on the national stage, and around the world.

We amplify voices and visions of faith and moral courage. We convene diverse leaders and cross-sector organizations for generative collaboration and multifaith understanding. And we research what’s working — and not — in theological education and social change-making.


Because we believe a more just and compassionate world is possible.

By reaching out  across lines of religion, politics, age, ability, race, gender, class, power and privilege we can create lasting solutions to the spiritual and social challenges of our time.


All Staff
Communications Team
Executive Advisory Team
Finance Team
Strategic Philanthropy
Program Team
Research Team
  • Macky Alston
    Senior Vice President, Prophetic and Creative Leadership
  • Lisa Anderson
    Vice President, Embodied Justice Leadership
  • Rabbi Justus Baird
  • Jenny Baldwin
    Philanthropy Associate
  • Rabbi Carole B. Balin, Ph.D.
    Senior Director, Special Projects
  • David Beasley
    Director, Digital Engagement
  • Caitlin Breedlove
    Vice President, Movement Leadership
  • Shifra Bronznick
    Social Change Strategist in Residence
  • Chanda Burrage
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dan Greenman
    Director of Technology
  • Dr. Sharon Groves Photo by Angela Jimenez for PPFA
    Dr. Sharon Groves
    Vice President, Partner Engagement
  • Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani
    Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani
    Director of Institutional Partnerships
  • Laura Healy
    Program Administrator
  • Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
  • Greg Horn
    Counselor to Presbyterian Students
  • Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Blamo Jaurey-Briggs
    Associate Director, Individual Partnerships
  • Jeannie Lee
    Manager of Facilities and Hospitality
  • Bill Longbrake
    Economist in Residence
  • Sarah Masters
    Director, Hartley Media Impact Initiative at Auburn
  • Dr. Keisha E. McKenzie
    Director of Digital Strategy
  • Zulma Miranda, Esq.
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Philanthropy
  • Desiree Mullins
  • Jazmin Phillips
    Senior Accountant
  • Rev. Kellie Picallo
    Director of Engagement, Strategic Philanthropy
  • Logan Pollard
    Associate Dean
  • Erica M. Ramirez
    Director of Applied Research
  • Paul Raushenbush
    Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
    Senior Vice President
  • Mimi Rivera
    Office Manager and Assistant to the Executive Vice President
  • Miguel Roman
    Director, People Operations
  • Lupe Sanchez
    Philanthropy Associate
  • Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen
    Vice President of Applied Research and the Center for the Study of Theological Education
  • Akiva Steinmetz-Silber
    Akiva Steinmetz-Silber
    Engagement Associate
  • Dewerys Vasquez
    Data & Technology Associate
  • Rev. John Vaughn
    Executive Vice President
  • Courtney Weber Hoover
    Courtney Weber Hoover
    Director of Program Operations
  • Christine Yamamoto
    Executive Assistant to the President